How and What to Contribute to the LHSWA Website:

If you have information that may be of value to the LHSWA Website please forward it for publication.  Such information may consist of the following:

  1. Newspaper coverage of tournaments including articles, summaries and photographs;

  2. Newspaper coverage of dual meets (or tri meets, etc.) including articles and summaries;

  3. Computerized tournament brackets;

  4. Records and photographs for individual wrestlers;

  5. Team photographs.

If possible information should be sent in a digital format via email.  However, actual newspaper articles or copies as well as photographs may be sent via U.S. Mail to be scanned and then returned to the sender.

Emailed information should be sent to

Mailed items should be sent to:

Martin Muller

10510 Clinton Street
River Ridge, LA 70123

If you have questions regarding submissions, please contact Martin Muller at (504) 305-1824